Taxes in the USA

I received an email which listed income tax, property tax and other taxes and stated that “Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago…” but that is not not only historically inaccurate, it is simply not true.

One can go back into the archives of government records and find that all kinds of taxes were levied by states, counties, municipalities and the federal government going all the way back to the beginning.

But maybe the commentary was drafted by a former slave or a descendant of a slave, because slaves did not have to pay taxes since they didn’t own property or receive pay. Slave owners, however, had to declare the value of their slaves, which were classified
as “chattel,”and were duly taxed. And the first federal income tax in the U.S. was enacted in 1862. In fact, historically, the only countries that never had taxes were communist countries.

While I share the disdain for politicians that the originator declares, I cannot help but wonder what anyone who could write such a thing thinks about Americans. Apparently, he or she thinks Americans are quite stupid and ignorant of our own history and willing to accept any lies — and that suggests that the text was written by a politician.

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1 Response to Taxes in the USA

  1. D. Heath says:

    These people know psychology way too well(and are using it to influence the public to hurt themselves/make the public believe that harmful policy is our idea). Apparently if you say the same things over and over again the public will actually begin to believe it. To be honest…this seems to be working for a large majority of the population which is why the rich continues to behave in such manner. So then you have this fight between those who don’t believe it and those who do which distracts people from actually fighting the source of the problem. It’s so important for Americans to gain as much knowledge as possible. The more knowledge we have the less chances the rich will have to instill untruth into cultural ideals. (The best way to control others is by controlling their thoughts).
    Very interesting post!

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