Liberals and Conservatives Part II

In my February 2011 post (, I pointed out that during the American Revolution, conservatives were sympathetic to the British aristocracy, not the colonial rebels.  But in today’s world of politics, conservatives will often claim to be the “real Americans,” and attempt to brand any liberal or progressive President as being a “dictator!”\

So, are things any different today?:  Read the Constitution Project’s report on torture during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: and pay special attention to the description of the conservative Bush Administration’s treatment of detainees and how strongly it correlates with the British treatment of American revolutionary fighters, and how radically it diverges from the history of the United States during various wars throughout history.  You’ll find the comparison on Page 161, Chapter 4.  Elsewhere throughout the document, numerous examples are given of how that conservative administration tried to wrest power from Congress and distort existing laws.  

The document also quotes a letter from John Adams to his wife, Abigail: 

I who am always made miserable by the Misery of every sensible being, amobliged to hear continual accounts of the barbarities, the cruel Murders in cold blood, even the most tormenting ways of starving and freezing committed by our Enemies. … These accounts harrow me beyond Description. …

I know of no policy, God is my witness, but this — Piety, Humanity and Honesty are the best Policy. Blasphemy, Cruelty and Villainy have prevailed and may again. But they won’t prevail against America, in this Contest, because I find the more of them are employed, the less they succeed.

and quotes George Washington as well: 

Let them have no reason to complain of us copying the brutal manner of the British Army. … While we are contending for our own liberty we should be very cautious of violating the rights of conscience in others, ever considering that God alone is the judge of the hearts of men, and to Him only in this case, are they answerable.”

And note:  the Constitution Project is a non-partisan enterprise, neither liberal not conservative; it’s sole purpose is to monitor how closely our government adheres to the Constitution and laws.

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