Limits of Ideology

Conservative writers teach their followers to adhere to “received wisdom,” to adhere to traditional ideas and rules, and resist or even reject new ideas out of hand.  But the brain is a navigational device.  People are in constant motion in an ever-changing world.  When the bridge that separates your home from the local shopping mall is being repaired, you have to find a new route to and from the mall or do without the things you desire.

Hard and fast” rules may be useful, but they have limitations which must be recognized, or they lead to errors.  Let us take an example from a rule with which we are all familiar.
In English spelling class, we are taught: “I before E, except after C and in words rhyming with A such as neighbor and weigh.”
That rule works well for words like lie, die, friend, and deceit, receipt, ceiling, as well as eight, weigh and neigh. But it is useless when applied to words like glacier, efficient, being, either and protein.
So if you stick to that rule with unflinching belief, you will leave immense room for error in your writing.  Never forget that the first letters in the words “belief” and “believe” spell “belie.” That alone should serve to indicate that all beliefs are open to question.
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